Orchestration Layer for AI

Axone is the universal protocol to connect, share and monetize any resources in the AI stack.

An open network designed for collaborative AI workflow management, universally compatible with any data, model or infrastructure.

Share anything

Data, algorithms, storage, compute, APIs… Anything on-chain and off-chain can be shared.


Under any conditions

Easily define any access rights to resources with Axone’s unique composable design.


To build new things

Trust-minimized collaboration creates new opportunities for builders. Design workflows involving thousands of different providers. Axone redefines collaborative AI.


A Layer One built for the emergence of AGI

Built on the Cosmos SDK, Axone is specifically designed to create trust, composability & incentives to maximize collaborative value creation.

An alternative to centralized AI training

While big tech companies are focused on acquiring more data to train private models, Axone enables coordination at scale for worldwide communities to train, deploy, use and collectively own their models.