About Axone


Orchestration: the process of coordinating workflows of shared datasets and AI algorithms across various off-chain environments.

Axone is the universal protocol to connect, share and monetize resources between all AI services.

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A Vision for Axone

Axone is a stepping stone on the journey to AGI


From economies of scale... to coordination at scale

Building AI is about coordination between data, models, and infrastructure.

The best coordination systems today are current technology giants. They pool a handful of great engineers and a lot of computing power together, and create the best models today. They benefit from economies of scale. They are the heritage of the industrial revolution.

What if? What if we were able to coordinate ourselves, in a scalable way, globally?

Millions of data providers, of model providers, of infrastructure providers... together. Sovereign. Without intermediaries.


Axone’s purpose is to open the digital silos

The world is filled with an abundance of datasets, models, and resources. But they stay isolated. Within companies. Within our servers and devices.

The orchestration layer opens the silos by:

Connecting all on-chain and off-chain resources into a single network

Making access conditions explicit and composable

Creating trust and incentives for providers

Making it easy for consumers to create complex, distributed workflows

Welcome to the post-scarcity world where AI helps us solve humanity’s problems and we, the people, can benefit from it.

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What is Axone?

Axone is an open network that lets users buy or sell any off-chain resource securely and efficiently. A blockchain specifically designed for off-chain coordination at scale.

Open Permissionless Network: Axone democratizes secure, censorship-resistant, open to all providers and builders.

Anything as a Service: Data, algorithms, storage, computation, APIs... Anything can be shared in Axone.

Any conditions: A unique approach to digital rights management: define any condition, in a composable way.

Scalable, Sovereign, Interoperable: A purpose-built layer-1 built for synergies with anything web2 or web3.

More details on Axone on our WhitePaper, our Academy and our Technical Docs